Service concept
Pursuit of excellence, reflecting the perfect service                     

Service Tenet
Customer Satisfaction

1. Consulting Services: Since you have purchased our products, we will provide you with product knowledge, product installation instructions, product knowledge of routine maintenance consulting services.
2. after-sales service: you need service, they can contact the nearest authorized dealer of any Division I, Office of the contact or direct contact with headquarters call center, our company will provide high-quality after-sales staff, efficient service.
3. LED lighting solutions for product design and training services: Our services for large-scale projects may be based on your specific needs for LED lighting solutions design, product use and maintenance of professional training.

Company by the China Quality Certification Center in accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system audit certification.
1. light source products: light cup warranty of 18 months; ball bulbs, T8 lamp warranty to 24 months.
2. interior lighting products: Warranty 36 months (including the ceiling lamp, down light, spot light, grille spotlights, cupboard lamp, down lamp, lamp panel, frame, mirror front lamps, eye-protection lamp, chandelier, wall lamp, wall lights, light stripes).
3. outdoor lighting products: Warranty 12 months (including the lawn, underground lamp, wall lamp).
4. electric: drive warranty of 36 months.
In the warranty period, due to damage caused by improper use, and only pay for materials, free maintenance.

Service Hotline
Dear users:
Thank you for choosing  KOE products, if you products and services of my company have any complaints, please contact us through the following:
Online complaints welcome e-mail to:
Or call KOE lighting service complaints hotline: +86 020-81495509 Transfer Service
Please specify in the mail the following information:
User name, contact telephone number, product type purchased, use the address, purchase store, complaints or failure phenomenon.